Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spring Migrants!

I had one of my best days birding ever today. We went to only two sites: Holy Island and East Chevington. Immediately after arriving at Holy Island at 8 o'clock, my Dad did well to find a male Red-backed Shrike in the fog at Chare Ends. Walking around the dunes north of the straight Lonnen we could find no more than a Pied Flycatcher and a few Lesser Whitethroats. While walking down the Straight Lonnen we received news of a probable Lesser Grey Shrike in the main car park. Soon after reaching the car park we were watching the brilliant male Lesser Grey Shrike along the edges of some fields. After seeing the Shrike we decided to have a look in the Vicar's Garden, where we found a Icterine Warbler. At least one Pied Flycatcher and a Spotted Flycatcher were also in the garden. More news of the Rustic Bunting prompted us to go to the Snook, though after thoroughly searching the area it had last been seen we could find no more than a Tree Pipit. On the way back to the car I walked over a dune to find a male and female Red-backed Shrike sitting next to each other in the same bush! A nice addition to my self found list. Some of the migrant totals at Holy Island were:

3 Red-backed Shrike
1 Lesser Grey Shrike
1 Icterine Warbler
2+ Tree Pipit
8+ Lesser Whitethroat
3 Pied Flycatcher
2 Spotted Flycatcher
2 Redstart
4 Garden Warbler
4 Whitethroat

On the way back we had a look for the Great Reed Warbler at Chevington. We heard it singing several times and glimpsed it a few times.

Red-backed Shrikes

Lesser Grey Shrike

Icterine Warbler

Pied Flycatchers

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