Saturday, 28 December 2013

Amazing views of a Bittern at Chevington

We headed to Druridge Bay this morning to have a go with my new 100-400mm lens. We started at Druridge Bay Country Park, but the feeders had been taken down, so there wasn't much to practice on there. 3 Long-tailed Ducks were present in the middle of the lake. Next we went to Chevington and after a few scans I found an adult Black-throated Diver at the opposite end of the pool. Remarkably this was my first in Northumberland! We decided to get a bit closer, so we headed down to a different hide. Shortly after we sat down, my Dad picked up a Bittern flying straight towards us and I rushed to get my camera out in time. Thankfully I managed, and I got some photos which I'm quite pleased with! The Black-throated Diver then flew out to sea and what was likely the same bird was also seen by a different birder off Druridge Links.


Black-throated Diver flying out to sea

2 of 3 Long-tailed Ducks at the country park


  1. Hi Jonny , wow fantastic series of photos of the Bittern in flight mate , brilliant .

  2. Cheers Rob, I'm very jealous of your Brunnich's and White-billed Diver!