Sunday, 5 January 2014

First twitch of 2014

Yesterday I finally got the chance to see one of my most wanted birds - Two-barred Crossbill. It took a while to find Broomhead Reservoir in South Yorkshire, and even when we did there was a wait before we got on to some Two-barred Crossbills. At first there was a flock of 7 birds, 5 males and a female. Later on in the day we saw some more Two-barred Crossbills (4) with a group of Common Crossbills, and they were quite likely different birds, though we can't be certain. A Woodcock also flew over at one point. Looking back through my photos, I have also found a Parrot Crossbill candidate (see below), which comments would be very welcome on.

A gull roost is also on the reservoir every night, an over the past few days an adult Kumlien's Gull had been reported. It wasn't long before it came in, and showed well for about 15 minutes, before being scared off by some shooting. I also picked up a first-winter Kittiwake in the roost later on.

Two-barred Crossbills

crossbill sp. with a Parrot Crossbill like bill (comments much appreciated)

Kumlien's Gull


  1. Cheers Findlay, they certainly were!

  2. Great blog post, they are brilliant birds, I really enjoyed reading it and looking through your photos.