Monday, 14 April 2014

Upland Wildlife

I had an enjoyable day in the north of Northumberland. First off another try for Adder at Branton Gravel Pits, this time with some more info, kindly provided to me through twitter.

After a brief search and a few stops to photograph the many singing Willow Warblers, we found 2 Adders basking. They hardly moved while I was photographing them, and I was able to get very close. A couple of Blackcaps were also singing there.

Ring Ouzels were the next target, and we had hardly pulled up in the car park at Harthope Valley before we heard one. A short trek up the valley produced 4 Ring Ouzels altogether: two males and two females. 3 Wheatears were also there as well as more Willow Warblers and plenty of Red Grouse.


Ring Ouzel

Willow Warblers


  1. Hi Jonny. I love your adder shots. I've been up to Branton a few times recently looking for adders without any joy. I'm heading back up tomorrow and wondered if you have any tips that may help me see one.
    Steve Wales

  2. Hi Steve, I've only ever found them on the verge on the north side of the road between the car park and the village. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  3. Brilliant. Thanks Jonny. I'm heading up at about 7am so hopefully will finally catch up with one.
    I really appreciate your help

  4. Thank you very much for your help Jonny. I managed to see 3 adders yesterday, exactly where you said. I'm over the moon to finally add adder to my British list.