Sunday, 11 November 2018

A swift twitch...

Today we were visiting some relatives in Stockton, and me and my dad decided to take our kit with us in case the Hoopoe in Co. Durham was still around and we could have a look on the way home.

As the day went on a few reports of Pallid Swifts came on, so we decided that we'd give one a go on the way home. We weren't in much of a rush but I decided to check birdguides mid-afternoon, and got a bit of a shock when I saw that a Little Swift had joined the Pallid on Hartlepool Headland.

We quickly said goodbye and were in the car heading north-east. It took us about half an hour to get there, and at first we weren't sure where to go, but noticed a birder run down an alley way. We followed him towards the town moor where a crowd of birders were watching the two rare swifts over the sea.

Before long, the superb Little Swift flew straight towards us and started feeding up and down the promenade, and was joined by the Pallid Swift which did the same. We started until dusk, and both gave absolutely amazing views flying to within a few feet of us at times, and with some great light. The Little Swift looked stunning through the binoculars and it's definitely one of the best birds I've ever seen!

While the close range made for spectacular viewing, it did make photos extremely difficult, but I did manage a few which I'm happy with...

Little Swift

Pallid Swift - the light had started to go by the time I got round to photographing this!

Little and Pallid Swifts!

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