Sunday, 11 January 2015

Staying Local...

Expecting it to be quite a quiet day, we only intended to do a couple of hours birding when we set out this morning,. Our main target was the 3 Tundra Bean Geese at Warkworth Lane, which were still present but the wind made photos almost impossible. 5 Whooper Swans dropped in.

No sign of the Little Owl near Widdrington on both of our attempts, also no sign of last weekend's Green-winged Teal at Druridge Pools, but it was probably there, out of sight in the grasses. A Water Rail was the best bird seen from the Budge Screen. A Pintail was also asleep.

A quick look at Hadston produced some of the commoner waders which I still needed for Patchwork Challenge. When we reached Chevington we found an adult Black-throated Diver on the North Pool (possibly the same bird that was here last winter?). The adult Black-necked Grebe, Long-tailed Duck and Otter remained there as well. The hybrid/escape White-front/Lesser White-front thing also dropped in with some Greylags.

PWC 15
Species: 69
Points: 82

Tundra Bean Geese record shot

Black-throated Diver record shots

Black-necked Grebe - another record shot!


  1. What are the boundaries of your new patch mate? :-) nice to have some more local competition though considering the birds you've found already I may need a miracle!


  2. Basically I made my patch as big as I could! It stretches down from Hadston to Druridge. Hopefully we'll both see some good birds this year....