Friday, 31 July 2020

Sooty Tern returns

Had some great views of the adult Sooty Tern in the Kittiwake colonies at Howick and Cullernose Point on Wednesday afternoon. A really smart bird and nice to improve on last year's views...

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Black-throated Divers close-up

I had a memorable encounter with a group of post-breeding adult Black-throated Divers on the west coast of Scotland earlier in the week. Having spotted the Divers resting out in the bay, I positioned myself among some rocks and eventually one bird gave extraordinary views as it dived for food less than 20 metres away. There can't be many better looking British birds...

Black-throated Divers

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Roseate Terns

Roseate Terns - at least 25 in the roost at Newbiggin on Friday afternoon

Arctic Terns

Grey Heron

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Greater Sand Plover

Yesterday evening we headed a short way north of the Scottish border to Tyninghame Bay in Lothian. A first-summer Greater Sand Plover had been found there about a week ago, and had done the decent thing and stuck around until travel restrictions were lifted. 

It was a nice easy twitch, with the Plover quickly picked up on the estuary. It gave some nice scope views as the tide receded, and eventually headed off to its favoured west end once enough of the mud was exposed. My photos aren't great but hopefully show that, despite not being in summer plumage, it was still an attractive bird. Several Whimbrels were at Tyninghame Bay too.

Druridge Pools has also been good recently, with highlights including a group of four Spoonbills, a nice selection of male Ruff and a striking leucistic Black-tailed Godwit.

Greater Sand Plover - please view video in HD at 1080p


Leucistic Black-tailed Godwit