Rare and Scarce Bird Photos

* Photos marked with an asterix were not taken by me, but by the person I was birding with.

Glaucous-winged Gull, Cowpen Bewley, 3.1.09*

Glossy Ibis, Cresswell Pond, 26.10.09*

Semipalmated Sandpiper, Cresswell Pond, 17.9.09*

Red-flanked Bluetail, St. Mary's Island, 10.10.10

Shorelark, Tynemouth, 10.10.10

Squacco Heron, Morpeth, 13.11.10


American Wigeon, Cresswell Pond, 27.3.11

Black Scoter, Bamburgh, 16.4.11*

Citrine Wagtail, East Runton, 24.4.11*

Terek Sandpiper, Hauxley, 29.5.11*

White-throated Robin, Hartlepool Headland, 7.6.11*

Bonaparte's Gull, Seaburn, 14.8.11

Woodchat Shrike, Trow Quarry (South Shields), 21.8.11

Surf Scoter, Goswick, 15.10.11

Eastern Black Redstart, Holy Island, 20.11.11

Great Yellowlegs, Hauxley, 13.11.11*

Desert Wheatear, Newbiggin, 11.12.11

Ring-necked Duck, Cowpen Bewley Woodland Park, 17.2.11

Golden Oriole, Lakenheath Fen, 4.6.12

Marsh Warbler, Hadston Carrs, 10.6.12
Stilt Sandpiper, Low Newton, 6.8.12*

Long-billed Dowitcher, Slimbridge, 26.8.12

Bee-eater, Seaburn, 4.11.12

Cattle Egret, Holy Island, 27.1.13

Lesser Scaup, Saltholme, 3.4.13

Little Bunting, Elba Park, 10.4.13

Great White Egret, Hauxley, 5.5.13

Collared Flycatcher, Low Newton, 8.5.13

Lesser Grey Shrike, Holy Island, 19.5.13

Icterine Warbler, Holy Island, 19.5.13

Common Rosefinch, Porth Eilian (Anglesey), 30.6.13

Bridled Tern, Cresswell Pond, 7.7.13

White-winged Black Tern, East Chevington, 10.8.13

Thrush Nightingale (Self found), Holy Island, 7.9.13

White-rumped Sandpiper, East Chevington, 7.9.13

American Golden Plover, St. Mary's Island, 7.9.13

Pectoral Sandpiper, Cresswell Pond, 22.9.13

Eastern Subalpine Warbler, Druridge Pools, 5.10.13

Western Bonelli's Warbler, Hartlepool Headland, 17.10.13

Coue's Arctic Redpoll, South Gare, 17.10.13

Pallid Swift, Hartlepool Headland, 17.10.13

Siberian Stonechat, Howick, 20.10.13

Lesser Grey Shrike, Long Nanny, 16.11.13

Ivory Gull, Seahouses, 8.12.13

Two-barred Crossbill, Broomhead Reservoir, 4.1.14

Green-winged Teal, Druridge Pools, 19.1.14
Glossy Ibis, Lynemouth Flash, 19.1.14

Yellow-rumped Warbler, High Shincliffe, 9.2.14

Ferruginous Duck, Gosforth Park, 8.4.14

Collared Pratincole, Castle Island, 28.7.14

Olive-backed Pipit, Sunderland, 18.10.14

Hume's Warbler, Briar Dene, 22.11.15

Little Bustard, Fraisthorpe, 1.1.15

Blyth's Pipit, Near Pugney's CP, 1.1.15

Rose-coloured Starling, Prudhoe, 18.1.15

Laughing Gull, New Brighton, 21.2.15

Penduline Tit, RSPB Darts Farm, 4.4.15

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