Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Red Squirrels

On Sunday I finally managed to see a Red Squirrel in Northumberland (I haven't seen one in Northumberland for 3 years). I had heard that the feeders in the car park at Woodhorn Colliery are one of the best places in the north-east to see them. Before I had even left the car I had seen my first Red Squirrel for 3 years. 2 more joined it over the next hour.


  1. That's a lovely image of the Red Squirrel climbing out of the feeder.
    I understand you can see them in the car park at Milkhope near Blagdon also if you are in the vicinity.

    1. Thanks, I will try and take and a look next time i'm near there.

  2. I have only seen Red Squirrels on Angelsey. I have really enjoyed looking through your posts. From Findlay