Saturday, 10 May 2014

Waders, Terns and Ducks

A bit of a twitch today, starting at Beadnell. When we eventually reached the flood, the stunning adult Lesser Yellowlegs was immediately visible, and although it provided nice scope views it was a bit to far away for photos. A Wheatear was also by the flood, as was a Jackdaw that looked good for a Nordic Jackdaw. Any thoughts are welcome on this bird.

After seeing a few Little Terns flying over we decided to go to the tern colony at the Long Nanny next. Sure enough there was plenty of terns including 10+ Little Tern, 3+ Sandwich Tern and 400+ Arctic Terns.

After finishing at the tern colony, we headed to Hoppen Kiln Flash as a few birds had been reported there recently. At first only the 4 Garganey were visible, but we soon picked up the Pectoral Sandpiper, which was my first in spring as well as the Wood Sandpiper.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Little Terns

Arctic Tern


Possible Nordic Jackdaw

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  1. I think the mantle and scapulars are too dark on this individual to be monedula at this time of year Jonathan; great pictures though and can I suggest you forward them to Tim Dean and Colin Bradshaw as they have been conducting a review of 'Nordic' Jackdaw records and I think these would help as they highlight that not all Jackdaws with collars are monedula (IMO).